Friday, March 6, 2015

One way to save in EUROPE.

You all know the love I have for Europe, being there satisfies my heart. I have had endless trips to Europe in the past 6 years.
I have been to Germany lately, specifically Köln, and you can read all about my experience HERE. While I was in Köln, I decided to visit Brussels in Belgium since it only takes one hour and half to get there by train.
I went to the train station known as BAHN in Germany, asked about tickets for the very next day. The lady who works there told me the cost would be 250 Euros for a round trip ticket, mind you I was only going to visit for one day. And honestly my friend and I didn’t want to pay this amount of money for such a fast trip.
We began exploring our options, car rentals, and buses. I ran out of ideas, but you should never give up especially when you want something to happen.

 Streaming the Internet, I found BLABLACAR, so what is it?

It's a ridesharing website where you get to pick who you want to ride with according to your travel plans.
And how much do you pay for your seat in the car? The price varies from 15 euros to 30 euros! 
There it is, we signed up and we ended up going with a very cool guy who dropped us in Brussels for 20 euros! LA VIE EST BELLE J
Worry not; other riders usually rate the drivers. Give it a try. And save some money while you still can.
And just because I’m a very proud foodie I would suggest one awesome fish and chips restaurant whenever you decide to visit and that is: Bia Mara!

I hope you enjoyed this post; I’m going to leave you with one outfit pic, and a tiffany blue umbrella that saved me from the excess of rain.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

I, The German Romantic.

Wearing-Forever 21 loafers/Michael Kors Bag/Aldo Necklace/BCBG skirt/ H&M Jacket/ Zara Top

Europe always satisfies my romanticism, I am a romantic person.
I think you can clearly see it in my posts.

After a long trip to the US I had the chance to visit Germany and Belgium on my way back to Beirut, got to Frankfurt and took off on the train to Köln (Cologne) Germany, which is a city I loved.  Walking around narrow, but sometimes huge streets made me feel like I belong, although you see unfamiliar faces, you still feel like you have been there, like you have walked its streets.   I was truly thankful for the weather, it wasn’t as cold as I expected, considering the fact that I was in the US, in a state where the weather was warm, and hence had no winter clothes with me. I had to rush to do some very quick shopping in Forever21 and Zara before heading to the airport. And they managed to keep me warm in the colder weather.

If you ever had the chance to visit Cologne, make sure to drop by Bastian’s Bakery, they offer one of the best breakfasts, and also have the street fries which you will find while walking, I suggest having it with the authentic German sauce.

I hope you enjoy this post 

R -Xx

Thursday, January 1, 2015

2014 UPS & DOWNS

As we start this year with a lot of energy and hopes, willing to create our own dreams and accomplishments, I’m going to take some time to highlight some of the Ups and Downs of 2014. Tossing it in the garbage. Saying goodbye to a Bitter year, erasing a chapter I truly despised.

Let’s kick off this post, with The Ups

I got to travel to Berlin and Prague this year, which was one of the most amazing experiences with my friends, I got to discover Germany, a country I never thought I would love; and it is now one of my favorite in Europe to a point that I would consider moving there. It was a trip of self-discovery, love and a lot of culture and history.

Traveled to Köln- Germany, and Brussels- Belgium.  
That Was one of the most liberating experiences ever, I fell in love with Germany even more, especially that I got to meet with my guy best friend and brother in Köln where we enjoyed every bit of Germany making new memories, having fun and laughing out loud. 
Loved Brussels and its diversity.

Bonded with my best friend, loved her even more, loved the fact that we met in one rainy day back at UNI, found out that she will always and forever remain my sister, my family and my forever soul mate.

Bonded with my sister, considering the fact that she’s 8 years younger than me .
We got the chance to be alone in the states for 3 consecutive months, went through the procedure of moving from Lebanon to the states for her to continue her education.
 Loved every bit of her being with me, and found out that we can do things on our own like paying bills, calling the electricity company, renting an apartment, getting an insurance, opening a bank account, and driving for 6 consecutive hours, hell yes we made it. Cheers to that.

Every time I wanted to quit my blog something awesome happened, like brands asking for collabs , or even friends giving me awesome comments, showing me a lot of love, telling me I’m not mainstream, and for that I am so grateful. I am so grateful for every moment I spent, writing and brainstorming for this little diary of mine.


In the beginning of 2014, precisely the 23rd of January, we have lost the closest friend to my father, and there it was, the most terrible beginning of the beginning, it affected my family’s life, and my life negatively. We didn’t cope with grief and were literally stranded, we were lost. You see when you are hit with grief, no one understands how it feels except for the people who are with you in this, there are stages for grief and loss, and you think you are coping in every stage, until you repress the idea and just live with it.
 His beautiful soul will always be with us.

I let go of myself, did not pay any attention to my blog, did not care.
I truly didn’t. I was wondering why do I even have it? I was in a dilemma.
What do people think of this blog? How do they react to it? Do they like it? Who am I anyways?

I did not try to achieve anything, literally nothing at all. Did not apply for potential jobs, did not pursue my masters, did not try moving anything or changing anything about my life.

 What’s more to say about this? I don’t know how 2015 will be, I practically never had resolutions for any year. I never belived in making resolutions just because it’s new year, but this year I have a different feeling about myself, my life, my achievements and my Goals. I truly know where I want to be, with whom, doing what. I can see my future, and I want to shape it.  I want to make every dream come true. Cheers to a beautiful 2015, make it count, do mistakes, laugh, take a lot of pictures. Write down an awesome first page today, and awesome book. Cheers to love, health, success, and beautiful souls.